About IT Pilot


My name is Alex Schenck. I am an IT professional located in the Greater Boston area, having been working in enterprise IT for the greater part of a decade. My professional focus is on backup and recovery as well as disaster recovery, although I am a wanna-be virtualization nerd/newb as well.

I am a huge believer in enablement through education. I do not know of any other industry where someone can go from zero to code whiz without any formal training, and all of the truly successful people I have met in my forays have been self-driven individuals with an insatiable appetite to learn, learn, learn. I hope that I can contribute, however meagerly and humbly, towards somebody’s IT “journey”, be it a new certification, the building of a home lab, or successfully convincing your CTO that yes, you should carve out a portion of your IT budget towards a robust data protection solution.

I collect hobbies like they were baseball cards. I am a private pilot that is currently working towards an instrument rating, and I teach ground school at a local airport (I hold a ground instructor certificate with advanced and instrument ratings). I love to travel with my wife, I speak barely passable German, and I love reading.

I have a LinkedIn profile, viewable at https://www.linkedin.com/in/schenck.

I welcome any and all constructive feedback on my posts. My opinions and viewpoints are that of my own and none other; I do not claim to act as a representative of my company and various organizations through this blog.



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